Our Activities

Sekweha supports a range of youth-led sports activities such as baseball, volleyball, floor hockey and ice hockey within the community, as well as out of town events.  Sekweha works with community youth to put on a variety of cultural and recreational events. This includes an annual “elder’s dinner”, Valentines’ day dances and Halloween “fun houses.”


These activities were planned and put on by young people.  Summer cultural camps have also been held for young women and young men. These camps provide opportunities for youth to spend time with elders, and to participate in cultural activities and learn about traditional teachings and practices. Sekweha operates a variety of school-focused activities to promote school attendance and academic success.  This includes the development of a “StartSmart” program that readies students to begin their school day in a positive way.


It was designed and developed in collaboration between the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative’s Sustainable Communities Working Group, Carleton University, community members and the principal and teachers at Father R Perrin School. It is delivered with the help of volunteer community facilitators and support of classroom teachers.  Sekweha also supports afterschool and evening programming. Youth workers play a critical role in engaging youth to participate in the planning and convening of these activities and events.





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