Encourage and empower our youth

Sekweha is a fun, family-oriented workplace with an incredible spirit of positivity and community. We are a family and we promise you’ll find a sense of belonging and purpose within our walls. Join our team today!

Sekweka’s mission is to help “raise a generation”. 


Sekweha is the only full-time youth centre in Janvier and Chard, AB area. Sekweha is a trusted community centre run primarily by local Aboriginal youth, which is uniquely positioned to provide a safe and culturally sensitive environment for youth ages 8 to 17. Although, each youth’s situation is different, Sekweha is essentially “raising a generation” by helping ensure they are launched into young adulthood.  Programming, workplace skills, travel experiences, sporting opportunities, socializing and a warm meal, and the integration of First Nation culture, language, values and traditions are seen as a formative part of a child’s identity and educational experience within the community.


Location: Sekweha Youth Centre in Janvier, AB


Hourly pay: $18.00


Deadline to apply: ongoing


*Job description available upon request.

Sekweha’s Summer Student and Supervisor Work Program.

Sekweka’s mission is to help “raise a generation”.

Each year, Sekweha give’s students the opportunity to gain work experience in their off time. From landscaping to general office administration. Not only will students gain work experience, they also participate in safety training such as First Aid/CPR, Babysitting, and Class 7 Learners license. Students attend career fairs and get to meet with surrounding industries to learn about different career paths. Along with the help of CAREERS, the students also get to experience the further careers, in 2023, students were able to experience McMurray Aviation. 

Please apply within.