Meet Isabella Fontaine, one of Sekweha’s bright and promising youth. She recently organized a special cookout that included a great BBQ meal, guest speakers and community Elders sharing stories. Isabella led the entire event with confidence and pride. Jessica, the youth centre’s manager said, “Isabella is a very beautiful, young, bright leader. She shows she is ready to lead the community at this age and I can’t wait to see what else she can do with her loving heart.”

At just 10 years old, Isabella is an old soul. She’s intelligent and kind, caring and always full of surprises. Her mom describes her as a hard worker with a love for learning, reading and the outdoors. Isabella is the youngest of six children and the only one still living at home with her parents. She is proud to be an auntie and takes her role very seriously, working hard at her chores and often saving to buy gifts for her family. She is multi-talented, a skilled cook and baker, artist and caretaker to an array of animals at home. Her mom says, “She loves learning about her culture and listening to stories from elders about the old days. She is very close to her grandfather, Haba. Isabella loves going to the Youth Centre to paint and do crafts.” Isabella is able to bring home her experiences from Sekweha and share them with her family. She was introduced to the game Doshka at the Youth Centre and the idea of a surprise closet filled with motivational snacks, fidgets and prizes for her and her family members. Needless to say, everyone has enjoyed the positive encouragement and activities.

Isabella’s creativity and generous spirit is what Sekweha is all about, and we are excited for her future and her continued impact here at our youth centre and beyond.

Thanks to Right To Play for sponsoring this event.