Meet Jessica Read, Sekweha’s Youth Centre Manager. There’s possibly no better match for the position. Jessica has grown up here and has been a vital part of the Sekweha team for more than 10 years as a summer student, supervisor, and now as our manager. She embodies everything Sekweha is all about.

Summers are the busiest time of year for our team. Jessica started as a student youth worker in the summer of 2009 and continued every summer thereafter, taking on a larger role as supervisor in 2016. She remembers those days fondly and says, “It was fun and I always had something new to do and learn every day. I gained so many life and leadership skills within my job. I loved working for the youth and always knew I wanted to give back and put my whole heart into it. I’ll forever be there for the youth in my community, even if they grow taller than me or if I do not work for Sekweha.”

Her own family has been the ultimate source of support and motivation for Jessica, she’s a mom and fiancé, and they keep her focused on working hard to support her community through her position at Sekweha. Her goal is to continue to be a role model and to spark a flame within the youth through goal setting, cultural activities and teachings, and Elder and parent involvement. Ultimately, she aims to raise up the Janvier community youth and give them the same skills and support she received growing up.

Sekweha’s Executive Director, Kerri Ceretzke, couldn’t be more proud of Jessica. She says, “Jessica is living proof of the impact Sekweha has in our community. She started at our centre as a youth worker, and her passion and dedication has been incredible to see. She is “the youth” we invest in, to grow and support and build up to be successful and to positively impact our community. I’m so proud of Jessica and what’s she’s accomplished. She’s running Sekweha now and doing a fantastic job.”

Our vision and mission for our community is impactful. Jessica is a beautiful example of our work and Sekweha is grateful to have her leadership and dedication at the helm as we continue to work diligently for our community and our youth.